samedi 30 mai 2015

Hunting Hapiness

In two weeks i’ll be 19 ! you know,  that is  one of those moments I look at my life and think *Shit I’m nearly 20 what have I achieved? NO steady job , no man , no money ………!!!

Then I think : stop putting so much pressure on yourself  you are just 19  you have friends , family , a house , good grades.  I’m doing just fine right ?  Would you rather settle for a crap job and a crap man, which are going to make you extremely miserable? Or wait to find something/someone you will love and make you happy?

I’m aware  of the typical ‘ girl’s dream’, find a man, get engaged, get married, buy a house, have a baby or two , get a bigger house ! yes life plans are amazing I admit it . But,  still giving myself  a personal expiry date  is quite hard to achieve and not healthy at all . I’m always feeling like I’m running out of time , pressure, fear of deception  … 

          I think it’s  time to just go with the flow , trust myself and not to care about the future . Trust me the fear of not achieving my goals are the reason why I do not achieve them ( well most of the time )
Anyway i Do HAVE a big dream ,and I’m  trying my best to achieve it of course !
 But I think I  should stop putting un-necessary pressure on myself so do you !

What do you think about that ???! 
leave me a comment if you do not agree with me .

Lot’s of love. 
Good night