mercredi 20 mai 2015

You are A BOOKWORM Inside !


Hey you   how many books have you read this year ?
None? Okey that’s just fine because  it’s exactly what I wanted? and  it’s  you that I want to talk to .
Lemme explain this  to you , during  my childhood my father was always buying me  books ,different  magazines in order to  bring this love for books inside of me  but honestly it was in vain because I didn’t enjoy reading   that much .well  I was forced to read them not that I liked it or anything (sorry daddy )…. I had so many books  sitting in my rack for the longest time. I'd sit down, start reading it, realize after two pages I had no idea what was going on, reread those two pages, then start to fight my way through the next page, and throw my hands up after twenty minutes. And the last thing I'd want to do after that is pick up another book. So hell No ! i was never ever gonna think I’m going to read a complete book .
 However , a year ago one of my friends  suggested a book that changed  me completely ( thank you Sara)   I started to read afterward like I have never done before . Do you know why ?
It’s because I found the ‘Book’ and everyone have to find that ‘book’  : certainly anyone of you has it somewhere based on what he likes and he has to just do a liiiittle bit of efforts to find it and then everything is going to change   .  The book that Leeds you to the bookworm club .And  trust me  reading can be a pleasure like no other . The psychological thing here is that you get a small reward when you can tell your friends -of course those who read - that you've read one more book. As your list keeps growing, you get more and more proud about it - and want to read more to grow it more.
Anyway what you have to do first is just find something you are into , take me as an example I read nothing but romance it’s just what I enjoy  doing . Make reading time a priority , you will be surprised when your whole world is going to change . You'll never find the time, you can only make it for yourself and your reading. That’s a good  distraction from the world outside huh ?!
So what you are waiting for ! I need some suggestions !!!
Please if you have any story like this comment below I would love to hear it !
Zayn loves you xx
Have a nice day