mardi 25 août 2015

Long distance best friend

    hey guys .   I wanted to  share with you one of the happiiiiessst day of my life , so first things first , you know there are millions of TV shows , movies showing how bad internet  can be  . your bestie on internet can  turn out to be a 50 years old man who wants to sell your kidneys on the black market , it’s accurate (lol) . my parents talk to me a lot about   how dangerous it is to meet strangers that you have no clue who they are  in real life …… and  yes internet is full  of bad people I can’t argue with that  because  I’ve been lied to , I met liars who pretended they are a person they are not in real life . But that didn’t stop me for having more and more friends from all over the world .  let’s go straight to the story I met my  internet best friend on instagram  like 8 months ago   about a book I think ….. yea  it was about a book.  we started talking on other networks  and getting along we talked like every day ……   she trusted me with all her problems and I did the same .you know  having a best friend on internet can be an amazing  thing  since you have zero boundaries talking to her .And,  that took me a huge part of my life to realize that  folks  I’ve met through internet genuily care about me . A lot than some on real life do . Just a few weeks ago I’ve been through a severe stress and anxiety, who stand by my side knew that something is up????? my internet best friend that I never met before .  This  girl not just stand by my side but also remembered every  single item on my wish list and bought them for me and now I have them in my room

 and I can’t believe how a person can know this much about you be this generous with you , and be there for you without waiting anything from you in return .
I want people to understand how incredible online bounds can be   . They can really help get through this life ……
Thank you saida ^_^