vendredi 11 mars 2016

You Made me stop loving you !


   I  was fine with myself . I was happy . And pouf you came along and made me feel like I needed you , which I did . let’s start by this imagine : a girl crying every night in her bed , sitting on the floor of her room sobbing , trying to make sense of it all . Now I want you to imagine that this girl  was me . I knew I was never good enough for you . I knew I would never hear it from you but I kept  lying to myself . But dying every day  was never taken to be love .  It was yesterday that I knew , I shouldn’t have loved you the way I did . I hate you for making me think you loved me . I hate the first time we met. i hate that you gave me a teddy bear that i grow attached to .I hate that  I was always your    ‘I can’t sleep’ conversation . I hate  that you always hold my hands, i felt so safe with you.
I hated that you were always there. I hate how serious things were always between us I felt like nobody knows you but me . I hate how I was never jealous of anyone and I started to .     I hate that you know me so well you know my weaknesses  . i hate how week , intimidated , silent I became . You made me a person I never thought I would become  .And  I hate that I have  to smile whenever I see you . But I’m sorry you lost me because all of this was hurting ……
Ps : Speaking My friend’s Mind .