dimanche 17 mai 2015

Meet Me !

Heyy everyone ! okey ! here we go my first post ever............ ! if anyone asks me  why did I want   to write or why  blogging  , my answer is going to be obviously  ( this is what I dreamed  about doing  for a long time )  to be honest it's been years  since I wanted this , and the fact that I  read a book few months ago got   me  reaaally inspired  it was called (GIRL ONLINE )° BY ZOE SUGG omg that was a life changing book I felt like  she was  addressing her book to me.   i  really wanted to start my own blog right after reading it  but honestly  i didn't know how ! :$ Never mind , the real reason is that those days i feel lonely “ I’m not being any sort of a drama queen or anything” lol  and I have friends of course loads of them but still I kind of need to talk about some things that I can’t tell inside of me  i promise this is going to  be cool !

OH , dammit i didn't even present myself ,  my name is Zaineb  i'm a Moroccan girl gonna turn 19 the next month yeey  !!!  if there is anything you want to know about me leave me a comment bellow !

zayn  love you xxx