mardi 26 mai 2015


 You know I’m writing this and pretending that nobody gonna read it, exactly like my own personal diary,just thinking that one day  I’m going to re-read it and know how stupid  I was .Those painful emotions were nothing but  a passing  thoughts  .And that was one of those  several times I was overreacting . 

 College : Years of pressure , heartbreaks and expectations ,pretending I’m just fine which  is not true .i’m NOT !
Seriously people around me  became  so Fake !!
Yeah I know that I’m lucky,  my friends are definitely the most amazing people  . I know that I’m loved , so loved . But , I’m still figuring how those OTHER  people  are doing this . How I’m the only one that sees this terrible things people are able to do . How am I suppose to cope with this whole hatred around me ? The problem is that they are acting super nice and after one single glance  i  know that  deeply inside it’s exactly the opposite of what it shows . During those  two years  I was chocked how set of people have different personalities and act according to situations differently.

 A bunch of fakes who would go to any extent to make themselves  seem good and upright.
 How  can they  harm , sabotage everything you do and  just for the sake of what ?  
  you know those people cannot be trusted right ? Simply  because they can’t be straightforward.
 Fake people must be kept at arm’s length, most certainly. Fake people should be avoided at all costs because they can any time ditch you, any time.

One must be quick enough to discover them !