dimanche 17 mai 2015

Penpallllllllling revolution !

hey again !  so yeah  just so that you  know me a lit bit more I choose  to write this post about  one of the things that i like to do  ===> i've been penpaling since a year ( wait do u know what is it ? ) well yep a lot of people ask me here what's that? since in morocco people don't do that anymore i've been told (seriously who send letters when we have internet ) but u have no idea the joy it brings until u try it : well it's kinda a correspondence through letters with some goodies inside sometimes just to share things from the country we live in( tea , stickers , candies (yyeyeyy) ……..)  .
When i started i didn't know that I can  reach this amount of letters and postcards i mean seriously 40 IN A year is quite a thing for me i found my real happiness reading them reading about the others ( culture , love stories , problems ) how could i not be happy with all those people trusting me giving me a part of themselves ! Anyway my first pen pal was from usa it was my first letter and i felt happy as a baby when i got it in my post. Honestly they became  so dear to me  ! 
so for more deets please leave me a comment I’ll be so glad to explain ……..
 ZAYN loves you xxxx