dimanche 17 mai 2015

Night thoughts !

Do you ever just feel useless?
You don’t have to read this if you don’t want to, this will be more like something I need to write out. Sorry !
Whenever I think about what other people may think about me, my brain speciously   tells me that they underrate and overrate me, that they don’t know  a damn thing about me  …….
No kiddin' ! you the one reading this have u ever felt that nobody knows  exactly who you       are ?? 
If yes  thank god because this is exactly how I feel , I’m starting to doubt whether people close to me really know me. Up to now, they’re still not used to me being quiet all the time.
I hate that all the smiles I get  lately became forced , in a world full of people I never felt more alone . is it the fact that I’m growing up  and I don’t deserve to be happy anymore.  I don’t know how you would understand this when I even  don’t  understand it myself , i hope this would fade away as soon as possible  beacause it's really painfull 

They  do say  the only ones awake at    2:00  am are the lonely and the loved …….
She keeps it  all to herself !
Zany loves you xxx     Good night