vendredi 22 mai 2015

Dream Big !

Your dreams won't come to you...!

You can just  sit in your house and dream about things you want to do with your life, places you want to go, things you want to achieve, but they're not just going to fall in to your lap and say "Heeey here I am!" You have to grab it by the horns. How are you suppose to achieve this ? that’s the real thing! the only question you need to ask yourself .
Well sometimes people share with me their big dreams and I'm like okey !
Your big dream will only come to fruition if you are focused on it so go ahead make it true !
 Can you just do that first 

1* stop  focusing on the wrong people and the wrong things

There are  a plenty of things waiting to be done plenty of books waiting on your shelves begging you to read them don’t you think it’s time , as for people be with who bring the best in you meeting people with aspirations is truly inspiring, especially when they are from the same sort of background as you.

2* You don't know everything...

3* Be yourself 

If you're not true to yourself and who you want to be with  in your life, then what's the point?  
 Trust yourself ,  your abilities and everybody gonna love you !let them see the real imperfect flawed beautiful magical person that you are . (Trust me in this) you will be the first one to love yourself .

what are waiting for ?

Lots of love xxx