vendredi 29 mai 2015

Love is full of irony

  (carl barat this is the song ♫♫)

It’s funny how things work in this world. Especially when it comes to love.
·         U love someone that  doesn’t’ love u back
·         The person u love does love  someone else so no hope u gonna get anything in return
·         You both have mutual feelings but both of u are too stubborn or afraid to commit
·         You had the right love at the wrong time (Somewhere Down the Road plays )
·         Loving the right person in the wrong time
·         The worst is the moment you moved on when the other realizes (s)he has a feelings for you too

Have you ever met someone who was just right for you? Someone who just matched you and understood you completely? Someone who you can tell anything to and know that you won’t get judged,  that person will tell you things as they are? Someone who knows you better than anybody else and will always get what you’re saying? Someone who just fits and happens to be your other half? 

Say what, love? Why do you keep on messing with a good people with perfectly good hearts?