jeudi 24 décembre 2015

Cute things guys do without paying attention !

When he is perfect but doesn’t know that 

When he is good with his siblings


When he stays up all night just to talk to you

When he walks on the side of the footpath that’s closest to the road to keep you safe

Tall guys *_*

When he says ‘awww’

Random ‘beautiful’ in random  conversation

When he smiles

When  he texts first  ( girls hattttttteee texting first )

When he takes picture with you  

Randomly compliments you  ( duuh girls always love compliments )

 When he forgives you

When he leaves you cute text notes ( morning , night those are the best )

 Remembers things  you told him a long time ago ( shows that he cares)

 When he dresses nicely  (  guys with sense of fashion gaaah )

 When you notice that he is shy  ( that  differs some girls don’t like shy guys )

 When he takes mental thoughts of things you like (cute ? check )

When he helps you find the right outfit ( dude you just won 10 points )

The one that picks you over his friends .