lundi 24 août 2015

20 ways to say I love you !


    Expressing emotions  is not easy  !  let’s not go so far .what was the last time you told  anyone you care about  ( I love you ) ?  it’s not a big deal is it ?  if you do , well good for you . Still if you don’t  that absolutely doesn’t  mean you  don’t love this person . it’s just you do it differently that  you can’t even feel it …. 

  So those are 20  ways to say I love you !
1.      You know that remembers me of you !
2.      It’s okey,  I couldn’t sleep anyway  
3.      You can talk to me , maybe it would make you feel better
4.      I dreamt about you last night
5.      I made your favorite
6.      We can share
7.      I was just thinking about you
8.      I saved you a seat
9.      You are important for me
10.  I believe in you
11.  Be careful please
12.  I noticed
13.  I appreciate your presence
14.  Your opinion matters
15.  I can’t go without you
16.  I hope you like it
17.  I wish I could see your face
18.  I choose this because it’s your favorite color
19.  I just wanted to talk to you
20.  You are the only one that can help me with that

Saying what you feel can be so hard sometimes. But that should not stop you  from doing it because let’s face it  people are not staying forever and you  don’t want to have regrets for the rest of your life  .