samedi 1 août 2015

Is this really my fault ?

     Hello everyone ! so something happened  lately that made me not  just extremely angry  but inspired me  to write to you guys. And  that’s a good thing right ?
                 Anyway,first I would like to ask you few  questions
 have you ever felt ignored ? you know with friends or what we call 'best friends' , you feel like they stop talking to you at random points in the conversation and they start grouping with other people, to the point that when  you’re in a bad situation they won’t pay any attention, and even then sometimes they won’t listen.  You are their friend because YOU the one listening to them but they don’t really care about you obviously   and you try and try to get them back , you try to get them interested  but it only results in you looking clingy and needy and useless, and you can’t talk to your other friends about it because then you’ll feel like a stupid child, and all you can do is watch them turn their backs and leave and all you wonder is , what have I done wrong . So to be honest with you guys . 
This is so not a friendship , I think best friends share everything they know if the other is upset , hurt or sad they would know! They have loads of problem but theystill  choose to listen to you care about how you feel and try to make you happy  !
They do say that  you cannot choose the family you were born into,  but at least you can 100% choose the family you create for yourself through friendship and love. So don’t let ‘family’ be defined as only the sharing of DNA.IF you feel neglected or unsupported, remember that there are billions of others who might do more for you , they are over there ready to listen to you whenever you need help  .  The one who  deserves   to  share your laughter is the one who is  there for you in sorrow and happiness.

 love you all xxx