lundi 15 juin 2015

sweet 19 !

It’s been quite a while since i wrote anything , this is because I felt a hole  in my heart for so long  that I couldn’t write without crying . So first ,   I was trying to figure out what I want exactly .Then  I saw this 

You know what ?? some people will always  say : we never gonna leave you  ! (and they are numerous )  , take my advice and  wait for them to be the first   to go while having your  hard days  .Surface friends are basically everywhere .This is why I don’t like depending on people because they leave all the time!

  Anyway ,  that’s not even a problem right now . I’m over it ….. 

   Today was surprisingly and maybe the best birthday. Well not because of   gifts or anything to do with what ‘normally’ makes me happy lol ! yeah right  I was chocked myself  , guess what ?  I spent it in the library. Weird huh ?  but lemme tell you the story . Here we go I met a person whom I never thought would make me this happy . So  silly that made me laugh ,i felt beautiful , real , and very comfortable in my skin , Because i’m so tired trying, I was literally so me  while talking .    My new friend made me see the world differently , know that at least over there people may care about me , give me time when I need it .
So believe me , knowing new people is so helpful  sometimes .Maybe it’s just the  famous ‘beginning’ word  .They will change like everyone does  anyway  . But at least this will give you  a motivation as short as it can be  , hope , satisfaction about who you really are .  
Best advice that I can give to my old self . Stop impressing people .Instead, spend your time on things that bring real value to you  based on who you really are , and especially find you beautiful even with all you flaws and insecurities . 
love you all , good night 19 years old be nice xxxx