dimanche 26 juillet 2015

i'm back

Hey ! so tbh i don’t know why i’ve been waiting so long to write this post I had loads of things  to talk about but I’ve been through a LOT lately . A depression from nowhere , exam’s mark that I didn’t  expected (negatively  ofc ….) ,I've been feeling incredibly stressed (and now I remember one of my best friend’s dream , and yes you have no idea what I am talking about ) …..

 Anyway , what happened is that after my results showed up, it made me feel the teeniest , weensiest and inadequate person on earth . well of course I do I worked my socks off and let’s face it some  people in my university get everything handed to them in a silver platter , including grades . So that’snot even the point , the sad part about it is that i made my father disappointed , whenever I remember the look on his face I try to push it out of my mind . obviously , I mentally cajole it . that’s how bad things were going . it took me one mounth to grasp the fact that I’m going to have aresit  exam in two months and things are going to be just fine .
I don’ t know how many people are reading my posts so I just hope someone does at least enjoy my blog and I promise I’m going to be more active this month I feel better now if you wonder  …..
Good night
Luv y’all xxxx